About us

Presales information is essential to making the correct choice & just in case of a problem good back up is a must.
Good, Better & Best is our ethos, a single OAP has different needs to a family with a couple of teenagers.
We have supplied the product & if something goes wrong please tell us & we will either advise for the correct method of use or arrange for our engineer to call.                       
Some manufacturers insist on maintaining the product themselves & we will advise as to the correct contact number & progress any complaints. If we are informed by you, we can advise the next customer of any problem manufacturers  have & in fact we have delisted many large companies so will not supply under any circumstances.
In fact, our after sales phone calls are mainly because the instruction books can be so vague, with our expert knowlege many problems are solved.

We are a family run business supplying old fashioned service and have been trading in Harrow for over fifty years and with my son Tony for forty. We don't try to supply every make, but what we do, we do exceedingly well as we care and have the knowledge to supply your requirements, before, during and after your purchase.

We have on display 40 Range cookers with splashbacks & hoods and also have a smal range of quality American style refrigeration. Freestanding & built-in appliances supplied & fitted at very competitive prices.  

We also have a large range of Bosch, Neff, Siemens & Blomberg appliances at very competitive prices, from toasters to side by side fridges.

Landlords need to look no further for low priced appliances, all the service you need when dealing with tenants.

I started in 1959 in a half shop in Harrow View. In 1968 I moved to Headstone Drive by Kodak opposite what was then the Goodwill Pub. In those days the modern fridge looked like today's "retro", washing machine were a single tub with hand-wringers unless you could afford a power wringer. Twin tubs & automatics just a few years away. Bestsellers were big radiograms with record autochangers & maybe a reel to reel tape recorder sitting on top to record the top twenty from Radio Luxembourg on a Sunday night.
BT monopoly phones that took six months to install & BBC joined by ITV in the 60's. Now nearly sixty years later I am typing this on my computer transmitted around the world in the blink of an eye. Things have come & gone BUT you still need a washing machine or dishwasher plumbed in & the old on disposed of. No longer an on-off switch & it will work you need assistance to understand the instruction written by a Chinaman or Korean. That is why we are still in business, we are extremely goods at aftersales. we all attend training courses & understand the product, before & after you buy.


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